Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Break in the Clouds

Today started off grey. I dropped Su into town to go to the pictures, and came home and sorted out flight details for Hong Kong. We go in less than three months! The sun came out and dispelled the loom (mis-spelt "the gloom"!) of the last few days
 This was enough to get me out of the house into the back garden for a while, admiring the birch leaves still hanging on.
UWE has pulled me into its orbit sooner than the Hong Kong trip. Unfortunately, a colleague there has gone off sick for a while, and because of the new workload regime everyone is fully timetabled - and unwilling/unable to take on any more work than the punitive 100%.  As there is a pile of marking to do in fairly short order, I got a phone call asking if I could help out - for a fee. I have well and truly become part of the casualised work force now - Su has already come up with several ways (and places) to spend these unanticipated earnings!

Su eventually was released from "Wuthering Heights" - she said it was an interesting take, faithful to the book with some exquisite photography, but could have done with some editing. We used to live in Hebden Bridge, near where the story is set - Su said the film-makers had used the exact locations, or found some very close matches.  

The break in the clouds closed over by the time I took Bella out, with just the merest hint of brightness...
 I must have walked past this bike 20 times or more, but have never stopped to examine its construction before.  A truly unique design - half recumbent, half stacking chair by the looks of it!
Tomorrow promises to be much better weather than today, so we plan to take off in the afternoon. My marking does not arrive until tomorrow evening, so we had better escape before then - no doubt I will grumble on about literacy and standards once I get stuck in with my coloured pen!

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