Friday, 18 November 2011

West to Clevedon!

We made it to Clevedon today! Here is the famous pier (of which more below..)
My morning started with Su saying, "You should get your camera to catch this".  The sunrise bathed Bath in a golden glow and promised a lovely day.
 Lit up the end of the bedroom too.
 We got to Clevedon by early afternoon, and took Bella for a walk along the sea shore. Came across this Millennium Celebration Monument called The Spirit of Clevedon. The mind boggles!
 This telescope lets you see across the Bristol Channel to Wales..
 On spotting this bandstand, remembered that Left At The Lights played in Clevedon a couple of times - at the Little Harp and The Moon and Sixpence.
 Bella had restrained herself long enough, so got Su to throw a stick for her into the Marine Lake.
 After lunch, we explored the Grade 1* listed pier (rated by John Betjeman as "the best in Britain"). We were greeted by this exhortation
 These brass plaques lined the benches and were inlaid into the decking.
 This plaque caught our eyes - the mind boggles again...
 Great structure at the end of the pier (not open unfortunately)
 Shy Su reluctantly agreed to appear incognito
 Looking back towards the town.
 Great light fittings on the pier, lighting up as the light started to fade.
 This sculpture was carved from wood used in the original pier structure after being submerged for over 100 years.
 Just as the sun was setting and we were getting ready to head off, the sky started to clear at last

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  1. The pagoda at the end of the pier is a cafe but presumably wasn't open when you visited - it's got an excellent view. The pier supports were made from rails recycled from Brunel's broad-gauge South Wales Railway.