Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Let There Be More Light...

Woke early, but stayed in bed alongside gently sleeping Su until about 8 am.  Bella was pleased to see me to be let into the garden and then have her breakfast! After coffee in bed and (our) breakfast eventually got out with Bella out for her morning walk about 9.45 am.  Noticed lots of things today, like the stained glass over this door up the street.
 I was taken by the way the light fell on these leaves
 The light was interesting, because the sun - which had promised so much at 8 o'clock - was by now struggling to make an impression on the hazy cloud.
 Bella didn't care. She was more interested in training me to treat an apple as if it were a ball and kick it for her to chase.
 Still unseasonably mild, even though there was condensation on the windows this morning.  This umbellifer is flowering - and it's only a week until December.
 We again came down Perfect View - it has to be a cul-de-sac because there can be nowhere else to go after a name like that...

Rivers Road houses have sharp deterrents at the back.
 My camera may not be very high performance (more on this in a later post) but this is almost a macro shot for the detail of the leaves on this plant.
 Honeysuckle in full bloom, and caught in the light of the emerging sun.
 This is one grape vine that spans 6 houses
 And the dreaded bindweed is still flowering too!
 After lunch, I dragged Su off to Westonbirt.  The colours in this section of the woods were astonishingly vivid.
 Up close it was just as stunning.
 After a good stomp round Silk Wood during which Bella found a super-sized stick and then a ball, we repaired to the van for a brew and enjoyed the best of the day as the sun set behind us.
I have had some favourable feedback about the blog, especially the photos. So I plan soon to publish a post about how I typically produce it - maybe when another grey day descends...

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