Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Out and Around Bath

A busy day. Awake at dawn to make the most of daylight, breakfast, a quick fix to the front of Su's car and off out. Had a couple of delicious cups of coffee at Mangia Bene before picking up Bella's arthritis pills and Su dropping me off at the Health Centre for my 6-monthly blood pressure check.  Not working at UWE continues to have a beneficial effect on that!
The Health Centre are touting for business - this sign out on the main road near the bus stop.
Walking home, found this bizarre ongoing replacement of one lamp post by another, apparently identical one in almost the same place.
After a bowl of Su's delightfully spicy lentil soup for lunch, we took advantage of the lovely sunny weather after yesterday's miserable drizzle, and went for a walk up on top of Lansdown.  On the way out of the door, spotted this play of light on the hall wall from our stained glass window.
Up on Lansdown, we walked across the golf course down to look over the view across to Dundry.
There is a small collection of expensive houses there.  This one ("The Squash Court") was on the market for £1,000,000 recently.
This house was burned out, but is now being renovated (very slowly) and turned into one house and five mews apartments.
1st November, and still flowers out...
Came round the hill to the site of the Battle of Lansdown Hill, marked by this emblem, as well as a poster (which I've shown on a previous blog)
Walking back to the van through the woods, lovely light and shadows
Autumn leaves still on the trees
After a cup of tea for us and giving Bella her evening meal, it was back off into town, this time walking along Camden Crescent.
A political sticker on a lamp post
Su spotted this disturbing headless model on Milsom Street
We went to the Little Theatre to see "Page One", a film about how the New York Times is coping with the effects of the Internet (Google, social media, blogging, Twitter etc) on their business.  A very engaging film, which was followed by a Q&A with local paper and radio journalists
After that, we walked back up the hill and have just enjoyed a delicious lamb stew and a glass of wine.  Tomorrow morning, we may go back down to the Little Theatre to see "The Trouble With Kevin". Better not stay up too late if we are to rise with the dawn again!

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