Sunday, 27 November 2011

Trailing Round North Bristol

Had a sleep in this morning - but still found out about Su's earlier sneaky blog post when my email alerted me to a comment for moderation. Luckily, the day was not rainy as I had expected.
 Took Bella out for an early walk - there are apples still on this tree
 "Simpson's clouds" in the sky
 I've walked past the Mitsubishi van  hundreds of times, but never noticed its ridiculous model title before.
 This afternoon, we went over to Bristol to visit some of the many places involved in the North Bristol Art Trail
 This street art wasn't in the trail, but it should have been!
 After we'd had enough trailing around, we went up to a friend's for tea and cake - on the way, we met Frank outside his house in this fetching garb.

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  1. Shameful that Su can only sneak a blog in while you're snoring...