Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Paler Shade of Grey...

Another day dawned - with Bella being sick for some unspecified reason.  She has been fine all day otherwise, so we will have to put that down to dog physiology... Grey and a bit drizzly today, and definitely feeling more like Autumn, as attested by this specimen (see later for some more dramatic examples)
 We went down into Bath to get tickets to go to tonight's Orange "Two for One" (or 241 if you txt) showing of "The Ides of March".  Looking forward to this, as I generally like George Clooney films, and have been taken by Ryan Gosling's acting ever since seeing him in "Lars and the Real Girl" and the brilliant "Half Nelson". This was the view waiting for Su - with Christmas lights ready to be switched on by John Cleese  (now a Bath resident, apparently) on 17th November.
 These faux classical pillars are the frontage to a branch of Santander bank, underneath the Spa
 Popped into Prior Park garden centre, wher this display of cyclamen caught my eye
 After that, we went to Widcombe High Street, complete with old signage still in evidence.
 Beforre having a lovely cup of coffee in Lennie's
 Gave Bella an early walk to see more colourful leaves still hanging on to the trees
 Blackberries still ripening - in November!  There are also quite a few wasps still wandering about!
 The lid of cloud was firmly set over the Avon flood plain
 It always amazes me how farmers can afford to leave vast lumps of machinery lying unattended in fields for years on end.  This roller has been here for the last five years at least!
 More fungi! Growing on old tree stump
 In the grass
 Not flowers but fungi
 Must dash to get to the pictures.  Review tomorrow!

Also apologies to Robin for the awful service from Royal Mail!

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