Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sleep (for one of us) and change in the front garden.

We had a delicious meal (duck in honey & tamarind sauce for Su and lamb curry for me) at Yum Yum Thai last night before going to see "Jack Goes Boating".  This was a very satisfying film, with great performances (Philip Seymour Hoffmann good as ever), some lovely music and good photography.  Overall a feel good movie, although some characters came out of it less happy than others.  Definitely worth seeing.

Su left me to sleep this morning while she got up to sort out Bella. I emerged much later, suitably refreshed and ready to play my part in the disassembly of this raised bed in our front garden - which is small, South-facing and with not much room to sit in the sun (until now!).  The disassembled raised bed has migrated to the bottom of our bigger North-facing back garden to accompany the other one we put onions in a few weeks ago. All we need to do now is put it back together, fill it with soil and decide what we will plant in it...
 Bella was happy, both with the space and the balls that came to light in the process of clearing it.  She though that I was out there just to throw the balls for her, of course:-)
This afternoon, Su was a bit weary, so I took Bella off up to Westonbirt for a stomp.  The place was heaving - consequently our walk turned into an people-avoidance exercise. This turned out to be quite fun, as we found ourselves off the beaten track in parts of Silk Wood that I am not so familiar with.
We found a badger set - this is just one of half a dozen or so entrances.
Piles of sawn timbers left to season
The end of this tree trunk had some great fungi growing on it:-
I was particularly taken with these purple fruits.
As well as the radiating pattern of growth.
We also came upon this structure, which is used for various craft-teaching workshops, which we normally walk past without paying much attention to it.
Some willow hurdles.
After the walk, waiting for the kettle to boil in the van...
Driving home, the misty greyness cleared enough to give some glorious minutes of sunset.
As Su upgraded her iPad this morning, it is time to download some new software into this old unit!

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