Monday, 7 November 2011

A Very Different Day

After the weekend's brightness, as predicted the weather has turned greyer. Probably one of the brightest things seen today is this rose, from our neighbour's front garden.
Undeterred, we have continued to almost decide where we are going to arrange our next holiday before rethinking and considering other possibilities.  Maybe, tomorrow's blog will announce our next trip (further ahead into 2012 things are more clear, although no announcements yet, just to be on the safe side!).  We had a very nice lunch down at Chequers in Bath, courtesy of Messrs Groupon. after which we walked back up the hill through the municipal golf course, which was enlivened by autumn colours
 We were very taken by this pile of astroturf - the way to get a perfect lawn (as indeed, one of my friends has done. He even has a special rake, and also hoovers his lawn to remove inconvenient debris from other people's gardens...)
 On the other side of our path, a carefully sculpted line of leaves made me wonder if Andy Goldsworthy had been at work, until I saw the giant leaf hoover working its way along.
 Then it was time for Bella to take me out for an afternoon walk. One lone bootee carefully placed on a gate waiting to be reunited with its owner.
 Up in the fields, the larch are about the only colour on such a grey day
 Another flash (literally) of colour
 This roundabout made me think of a Christmas tree
Tonight we are off out to the pictures - finally getting to see "We Need to Talk About Kevin". Will review it tomorrow.

We are once again getting a lot of traffic to the blog - we had 84 page views yesterday and have had 53 so far today. This is still far short of our record daily total of 300 (which helped to push October to an all-time high), but more than we have been getting usually.  If any visitors want to tell us what brought them to the blog, please post a comment...

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