Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Grey Day...

As promised yesterday, we went to see "We Need to Talk About Kevin" last night at the Little Theatre. It was certainly an engaging film, with great performances from Tilda Swinton and the various actors who played Kevin at different ages and some nice camera and sound work. It is not a feel good film though, it must be said! We tend to sit at the front of the cinema if possible (good leg room and nobody's head popping up or waving around in front of you!) and a great view of the curtains.

The short before the main programme :-)
This blurry photo of the poster outside the cinema captures some of the disorientation and confusion of parts of the film. Lynne Ramsay, also directed Morvern Callar, which has some similar visual aspects
 Today has been a grey, drizzly day here - no decent photo opportunities when I took Bella out this morning. When Su went out later, I went round switching lots of lights on to counter the gloom - which led to me noticing how dusty the house has got while we've been off gallivanting. I re-bonded with the hoover as a consequence!
 Since then, I have been all bunged up - it's my own fault for disturbing the dust.  Hopefully tomorrow the weather (and I) will be brighter.

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