Monday, 21 November 2011

Not a photogenic day

The weather is stuck in true November form - misty, grey featureless skies that bleach most photographs out.  Not the gnomic markings on the steps though!
 I'd never thought of tipping council employees:-).  A high standard of graffiti (not) about the unfortunate "Emma".
 More gnomic markings.  I'll post news of developments as they happen...
 Walked Bella a different route to our usual morning amble, and came down Perfect View
 This is the view  - not perfect on a day like today, but better than many others!
 I hit the shops to buy provisions, and met Su for lunch at Prior Park. We managed to get a table today - but only just, as it was the last empty one left!
 Lucky "Number 9" got us our food.
Not a day for going on jaunts - however, the weather is set to improve tomorrow, and even more so on Wednesday. Time to look at the map to plot the next foray! Tomorrow morning, Su is going to see the new version of "Wuthering Heights". I'll give this one a miss and just give her a lift down into town:-)

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