Sunday, 13 November 2011

Didn't Venture Far Today...

After yesterday's extensive jaunt, staying up past midnight and being wakened by Bella's scratching by 7.30, we didn't exactly spring into action today. The weather was lovely, and it seemed a good idea not to zoom off but to enjoy it in Bath.  We did travel a little bit Eastwards - down to the end of the street before heading across town to Prior Park for a bacon roll and coffee with the Sunday papers. Then we submitted ourselves to the joy of the new Sainsburys.  On the way back, passed this tree with interesting shadow.
 Coming round Queens Square, the Occupy camp seems a bit bigger.  Nice that the protesters had good weather for it 
 Round the Circus
 Up Lansdown to St Stephen's Church
 Later on, I took Bella out for a walk down into and around the Charlcombe valley.  This was the view looking over towards Bathampton.
 The sky over Fairfield Park.
 Coming back up the hill, we walked past Charlcombe Manor, a rather grand Jacobean establishment that was squatted in the 1970s, but sold for over £3Million recently.
 It even has its own monogrammed drains!
 And carved gateposts, just in case you're not sure if this is the right place.
Su just presented me with a lovely meal of chicken and "Turkish" beans (inspired by our recent trip), so I'm a happy man with a full tummy:-).  Must stay awake, as we are off to see"Another Earth" at the Little Theatre (part of Bath Film Festival) later this evening. Tomorrow the weather changes, but we have plans to go a roaming in the afternoon.

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