Monday, 10 January 2011


Regular readers may remember me mentioning that I'm an Open University student. The course is really interesting and I've been enjoying it immensely....BUT I keep forgetting that I'm a student who needs to keep up with course work. No I don't have a memory problem. I'm just a "typical" student (ask Marcus!!) who is easily distracted and then has to face CATCHING UP....which is what I should be doing now as I have a tutorial this evening to which I am reluctant to go. Whether I get away with skiving is another matter. It's not always easy being married to a university lecturer and have a son who's a school teacher. They "encourage" me (I call it bullying) to get my head down and most of time it works but today.........
What I'd really like to do is have a tasty supper - some pasta maybe with a glass of wine - and watch a dvd or catch up with some of many films we've recorded and yet to see.
It's now raining. The temperature has dropped and the wind's up. Maybe if I offer to make a pudding. That usually works....

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