Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Day in Pictures

I have been to work today, but rather than go on about that, I thought I'd show some of the sights I've seen today, starting with dawn out the back of the house.
 On my way to UWE, I saw this plume of smoke - it had been visible from the outskirts of Bath (from about 10 miles away) as I drove to Bristol.
It was such a lovely day, that I left as soon as I could and came home to go out for a walk with Su & Bella - we went down by the river, where Su impersonated a pylon, as this shot of her shadow shows. 
 You can see where we live from down by the river - we are up on the hill!

On the way home, we saw this longstanding bit of graffiti - no idea who it is a portrait of, if anyone. 
 The end of the day saw a large full moon coming up over Solsbury Hill - the same view as this morning...
I tried out my 8X zoom lens on the iPhone that Ben & Lena bought me for Christmas on this moon as well.

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