Friday, 7 January 2011

Su has started to get better, and went out today - I think she was going stir-crazy!  I have been bashing my brain against that work thing again - definitely not a good idea (my brother, who is above/beyond such things now, sends me messages of "sympathy" every now and then).

It has been a very wet and grey day, so I expected that I would get drenched when I went out with Bella this afternoon. It did rain on me a bit, but then it stopped.  It stayed grey and only the  splash of colour I found were the remnants of loads of clay pigeons (plastic actually) littering one hillside:-
Then as we started back, the skies parted in an almost biblical sense, and by time we at the end of our walk, the sky was glowing.  What a treat!

Tonight, we are off out to see "The Way Back" (the Peter Weir film about escaping from a Soviet Gulag) to celebrate Su's return to the world!

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