Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mid Winter Get-Together

Today started off with lovely clear skies and a colourful sunrise
But it really was a case of "Red sky in the morning - shepherd's warning", as the sun disappeared by 9 o'clock to be replaced by rain.  Su has been laid up all day, suffering with her instalment of the cold.  I left her tucked up in bed and went off to Bristol to a post-Christmas celebration of making it half way through the academic year.  On the way, I saw a splendid rainbow:-

We lunched at "Las Iguanas", a Latin restaurant, and had a jolly time as these pictures testify.  Everyone agreed to have their picture put on the blog, although this provoked quite a discussion about privacy in the Internet age (typical academics!)

It was great to be back in the middle of work-related discussions and to see people I spend a lot of time with at UWE normally - and will be again from next week, as we gear up for teaching the week after.

Back home, and off out with Bella - and came back to find Su crashed out, although she has subsequently rallied a bit and got out of bed and started making soup, and listening to "The Archers".

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  1. Fancy swanning off drinking when Su is lying on her sick bed!