Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Flora and fauna.........

Spent most of the day at home moving furniture around.  This wasn't just the act of woman with time on her hands. I need flat surfaces on which to put seed trays, in good light and safe from cats who think I've provided indoor "facilities" for them.
We only have one room where this is possible - our bedroom.  So after much pushing and shoving we now have two chests of drawers under the windows which is perfect.  I can now start planting!
So who's the cute dog? Her name is Lily. She's a labradoodle and absolutely bonkers.  She is also Bella's friend and we met up with her today in Alice Park.  They both chased the same ball for about an hour.  Now wasn't that exciting!
Hopefully tomorrow will bring more life-enhancing, intellectually stimulating experiences.................

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