Friday, 8 February 2013

Repaired Van & Dramatic Skies

Had a lie-in this morning - a pleasant change from zooming off to UWE in the morning. Out with Bella afterwards, saw this newly delivered pile of wood at my neighbour's. He is a recently retired schoolteacher, also being drawn back into it - some jobs are hard to leave!
Yet another discarded hat - this one on the steps down to the old public toilets on Fairfield Road.
Rang and got the breakdown service to come out to the van. 
The van in the process of being inspected. Once the mechanic had sorted out getting the jumpleads to actually work, it started - hooray! It looks as though the lack of starting may be nothing to do with the misfueling fiasco, but because the glow plugs need to be replaced.  Once it was running, disconnected from the recovery van and checked that it would start on its own - which it thankfully did. I then drove it down the hill to the garage who will look at it as soon as they can fit it in. Fingers crossed that it will work well from now on!
Came home and did a bit of sorting out of teaching-related affairs, and then it was time to take Bella out for her afternoon walk. The weather had brightened up a bit, but there was a cold wind. The skies were big with interesting cloud formations.
Round the hill, another dramatic sky. 
At the bottom of the slope where the boulder crashed down before Christmas, the skip has gone and the chutes for feeding rubble and other debris down the hillside into it are stacked up ready to go. 
Looking over town in the late afternoon light 
Another dramatic cloud formation. 
Marbled skies… 
These daffodils are nearly ready to emerge. 
This day last year, it was colder than today - with the pond still frozen. I shivered in the garden taking photographs, including this one of our rotating glass sphere.
Tonight we are off back down into town to see "McCullin" about Don McCullin the photographer. Review tomorrow.

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