Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Musical Day

Walked down into town today. Saw this on Claremont, and wondered why this particular piece of pavement edger was singled out.
After a spell of no sightings, today brought a new lost glove for my collection. 
I love the way that the minimum amount of repainting was done after this road patching - not even the whole word was done. 
Down on Milsom Street, a fine example of old lettering showing the former function of this building.
Some great music coming out of this band of musicians, one of whom is a near neighbour (Leon Hunt, an excellent banjo player).
Went to catch the bus back up the hill and saw this appropriate numberplate. 
This is a later than usual blog posting because we went out this evening to see the superb Richard Thompson at the Colston Hall in Bristol. On this tour he is playing with a bassist and drummer, both of whom were excellent. As they came back on for an encore someone in the audience shouted out "Hey Joe", whereupon they played a cracking version - a great show indeed!
At the car park in Trenchard Street, each floor has a mural. This is the ground floor one. 
This day a year ago, I was back teaching in Sha Tin and looking out at the tower blocks surrounding the college.

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