Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Sky's The Limit

Up with the dawn again and rewarded with this golden glow in the sky.  I was moved to go outside and photograph it - a bit cold in just my dressing gown and slippers, but luckily no neighbours to frighten in the process:-). Nice to see as the sun rises that is noticeably starting to move further round the skyline as it rises - towards the left of the picture (northwards) from the front of the house.
The view from the back of the house was pretty too.  We'll know we are getting close to something like Summer when we see the sun rising from the back of the house.
As the day got into full swing by the time I took Bella out for a stroll this morning, the clouds had come over to give a marbled effect to the sky.
This persisted all day so I didn't feel so bad about being inside teaching all day.  When I got home, I was rewarded with a tinge of sunset glow on the clouds above.
This day last year, I was back on the train to Sha Tin to teach my poor students all about Privacy and Ethics. As this passsenger had a mask on (and was therefore anonymous), I felt OK about posting his picture on the blog. Recent reports of pollution from Hong Kong and other Chinese cities are horrendous - it was certainly pretty murky nearly all the time we were there.
I missed the promised review of "Zero Dark Thirty" yesterday. An intense and quite worrying film in places - especially the torture scenes (and there was no treatment of the ethics or efficacy of torture). Good acting, lots of tension and strong action sequences as you'd expect from a Karen Bigelow film. Worth seeing overall - it certainly rendered the the capacity audience in the Little Theatre silent - no triumphalist responses (although I'd expect a more gung-ho reaction in the USA to the scene where Osama bin Laden was killed).

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