Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Van troubles

A doomy looking start to the day
The feeling of foreboding was borne out when the van refused to start. Looks like the pumping out of the fuel tank wasn't enough, so will have to throw more money at it to appease the beast…
Luckily Iwas able to borrow Su's car (and tomorrow as well) for the Kaplan/UWE round trip). Will address getting the van fixed/down to the garage on Friday. Back from UWE and did some household chores before setting out into the cold wind with Bella. The sun was out and making Solsbury Hill look good.
Round by the tennis courts, shafts of light.
At the entrance to St Stephens allotments, part of the mural has fallen off - frost damage?
I've walked past this many times, but today was the first time I have noticed it.
The official entrance to the allotments
Looking across to St Stephens church against the sunset skyline.
Looking down over Bath from above Camden.
 Skies nearer home.
Passion fruit still on the plant (I photographed the flowers at the end of the Summer!).
This day last year,  we had a dramatic sunrise ...

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