Sunday, 24 February 2013

Flowers and Rubbish Collection

Out in the garden this morning to fetch in wood for the stove, I noticed our hellebore flowers in full bloom.
The delicate markings on this one are only visible from underneath. 
The rich colour of this one is again best appreciated from underneath - luckily I didn't have to lie flat to see it! Bella was waiting patiently for me to throw her ball. 
Out with Bella this afternoon, I decided not just to look out for discarded items to photograph but to do a bit of womble duty by picking up rubbish from the streets. Filled a carrier bag in less than 10 minutes. By the time I came across this discarded Daily Mail leaflet (in cultural Bath!) it was full to the brim.
You wait for ages and then two purple gloves come along on consecutive days! Didn't add this to my rubbish pile, but left it - hopefully to be reclaimed.
This day a year ago, it was my last day of teaching on this visit to Hong Kong and our last day in Hong Kong. This was the view across the ring road outside the college - with the buildings adopting the same profile as the skyline behind them. Not too long ago, this was all fields… 

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