Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lines in the Sky

Bright half moon in the sky last night - better picture with the flash on my new phone, which also picked out the telephone lines.
A lovely start to the day with the telephone lines against the sky from a different angle.
More lines in the sky - this time aeroplane vapour trails lit up by the morning sun.
It was a cold night, and a still cool morning with lots of frost still in evidence. 
All the detail on these leaves was picked out by the frost. 
The sign now has something to offer - in the bread-bin were some random items.
At UWE the raised platform was in action today with two people doing something with a bit of metal up high on the building. 
It was a lovely day - pity to spend so much of it indoors, but still lovely to look at. 
We're off to see Zero Dark Thirty at the Little Theatre in a few minutes, so this is a brief blog! Review tomorrow.
This day a year ago, we went across to Hong Kong island and up the Peak before coming back over the water and hanging out by the Star Ferry Terminal as the misty sun set. 

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