Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Day of Light

Woke to brilliant sunshine and blue skies that showed little sign of clouding over or producing rain for a change.
Just the excuse I needeed to try out my new phone camera. As well as having a higher resolution and a flash function, it seems to perform better than the old one on this kind of shot.
Teazles with shadow on a shed 
Looking up Raglan Street. 
Looking up the valley from our back garden after my walk with Bella - lovely to see a clear bright view.
Later on, we went of on a jaunt towards the Severn. This was the view coming down off Lansdown towards Wick. 
We went to the White Hart at Littleton on Severn for lunch. We were greatly taken by this picture of the Queen Mother ( I though she preferred gin…)
Wandered around their back garden and orchard, including a visit to the geese, ducks and chickens.
Then we walked towards the river, passing snowdrops on the way. 
Saw this pretty specimen - yet to be identified .
Looking northwards to a copse on the hill. 
We went to Whale Wharf.  This was the sign at the business park there. This wasn't why we walked there… 
Nor was the sight of Oldbury-on-Severn nuclear power station. I like the way the sign doesn't mention that as an safety hazard to bathers.   
This was why we came - looking at Wales across the expanse of the River Severn.
And then looking at the first Severn Bridge across to Chepstow and the Forest of Dean. The sun was beginning to set and furnished a spectacle for us. 
Headed home through a series of glorious skies as the sun got lower and lower. 
 Various views over parts of South Gloucestershire.
Nearly dusk. I hope that the red skies augur well for tomorrow's weather as well. It would be a real treat to have two dry, sunny days in a row! 
This day a year ago, the weather was also bright and cold. I was impressed by the way the sun illuminated this stand of trees up past Charlcombe Church.

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