Friday, 1 February 2013

New Month, New Phone, Snowglobe and a Horse

Out this morning, saw this on a nearby car parked. Not much choice of career with that surname - nominative determinism indeed.
Went into town on a couple of errands, heading up towards the Abbey passing the Halcyon Hotel. Not sure it's as nice as the name.
Looking over towards Pulteney Bridge. 
 The Abbey behind these Georgian buildings.
Bought tickets for a gig at the Bath Box Office and then headed for the Apple temple store to buy my combined Christmas/birthday present - a new iPhone to replace my ailing one. Still taking pictures on the old phone for a while, I was bemused by this poster and only saw what they were getting at when I printed it.  Still looks a bit of a psychedelic confusion to me.
The river is running very high still. The sun put in intermittent appearances through the day. 
The birthday greetings on this building size card keep changing - today it was the turn of a Ben for his 30th birthday.
There's a little person with only one wellington somewhere in Widcombe...
Back home, it was time to unload the photographs from the old phone for the last time.
Then it was time to take Bella out for her afternoon constitutional. The skies were bright but the temperature started to fall again. 
Trying out my new phone camera on this heather - it seems to handle reds/purples better than the old one.
The first snowdrops I've seen this year - 1st February and they appear on cue. Painswick's display will soon be worth a visit. 
Walking down to Charlcombe churchyard, a most unexpected sight on the wall. 
Further down the lane, a friendly horse guarded the public footpath up the hill. 
In the churchyard, filigreed lichen on this branch.
Bella waiting for me to throw a stick in the Holy Well for her to dive in to retrieve. 
We carried down the hill, and Bella took the opportunity to drop into the stream - and again got me throwing sticks in the water for her. 
Interesting patterns on a garage door.
This day a year ago, we went for a walk to Brockham End, which was bathed in brilliant sunshine all afternoon. 

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