Sunday, 17 February 2013

Picnic at Home

Another misty start to the day, but the sun soon broke through and another lovely - if cold - day followed. We had planned to go out and have a walk and picnic in the van, but ended up sitting by our cosy warm stove and eating our sandwiches there!
We did get out into the afternoon - the sun showed up our front door whcich I now declare to be art with this photograph (Neil on Symi would be proud of me!)
Even though it is cold, the lengthening days, occasional warmth and absence of rain means that signs of spring are becoming more apparent all around.
Snowdrops are good this year - everywhere we go they're popping up. 
More primroses are starting to show as well - this one on a bank of about twenty plants. 
Up at Charlcombe churchyard again, enjoying the flowers in the graveyard. 
Winter-flowering cherry in the churchyard garden. 
The daffodils are getting ready to be the next big show of flowers - St David's day soon, and they should be ready. 
A stack of laurel branches in the churchyard garden following some hefty pruning. 
On the way home looking out over Solsbury Hill and towards Box/Bathhampton. 
There's a new tagger in town! Can't decipher what it's meant to be, mind you.
This day a year ago, after hours of flying we'd touched down in Hong Kong to enjoy the spectacle of the nightly lights display from our hotel room. 

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