Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fog, Gloves and Coffee

Unlike the past few days, this morning was grey and foggy with no sign of the sun.  Driving to UWE early, the traffic stopped on Lansdown and waited to get past a pick up truck recovering two cars that had been in an accident.  Luckily, no injuries to the occupants of the vehicles.
On my way to teach in Kaplan College, evidence of Marketing activities in the corridor. 
A very stylish pair of gloves. They were left next to a bicycle chained to some railings - both had disappeared later on, so maybe they were connected…
Met up with Bob and Frank for a short practice, most of which was taken up talking to students who are using the band as clients for a Multimedia project - we may get some ideas for a website from this. Afterwards, we repaired for coffe and I could not resist this shot of the happy couple, Frank and Bob (with his new haircut).
Leaving after teaching and meetings, the sun over N Block looked the best it had all day. 
Stopped at traffic lights, the setting sun put on quite a show.
This day a year ago was the first day of teaching my Hong Kong students at Sha Tin - flowers on the trees in February in the college courtyard

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