Saturday, 9 February 2013

Misty, Grey and Cold

Last night we went down to the Little Theatre to see McCullin, a film about the famous war photographer. It was a very powerful and interesting film, full of harrowing images and stories about war (and some not so harrowingimages not of war) and the effect of his work on the man himself. Tellingly, he now photographs landscapes and hates the sound of gunfire.
Today, I have been chained to the computer doing some of the extra marking that I agreed to take on for my old department. Just as well - this unanticipated income can pay for the unaticipated expenditure on the van! Still more sitting in judgement to do, but I have made a big dent in the pile. After a few hours, it was time to say "Enough!" and take Bella out for her afternoon walk. Stopped on the way out of the gate to admire the violas and their silvery companion plants in our window box.
Up the road, I though I'd try out my new phone's camera zoom function to pick out the misty scene down by the river. It has been a misty, grey and cold day and this afternoon's walk was decidedly chilly. 
Further up and round the hill, a clearer view of the same mist. 
Tyre tracks neatly imprinted on the mud at the side of the curb. When the sun doesn't shine, I somehow find different things to photograph...
Looking out over Twerton, this one chimney was pouring out smoke.
A curvy rail - not by design but by collision, I suspect. Better than a six-foot drop to the steps below. 
Bella barked at this abandoned cable reel - don't know what she though it might be… 
Outside a house on Perfect View, spotted these early dwarf irises. 
Back round the hill again and looking at the misty valley. 
Then an unexpected treat - at eye level, some lovely bigsnowdrops in a raised front garden. 
This day a year ago, I was walking around the same hillside - here at the top of the steps down to Perfect View.

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