Thursday, 14 February 2013


A morning with blue skies and sunshine at last!
Good to see Solsbury HIll with blue skies rather than grey framing it.
This array of pots in a neighbour's front garden looked very jolly. 
Su gave me a lift to UWE - even the student village tower blocks looked more attractive in the sunshine. 
Maybe it was the light but this looks like a stretch minibus to me… 
DId my stint of teaching for the day, and then Su came with Bella to pick me up. We went for a walk around Frenchay church - Bella really enjoyed the new territory and the sticks she found. 
The church looked grand in the setting sun's light. 
Lots of croci coming out on the green. 
Back at home we each had a Valentine's card from a "mystery" admirer.
This day last year, we walked down into town - this was St Swithins church in the sunshine.

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