Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cropping, Snow and Rubble

Up bright and early to a grey morning - got to UWE early because of the quieter traffic of half term. It started snowing - so I tried my new camera out to try and catch the snow. This is a cropped portion of one photograph of snow against the student village.
This a cropped portion of a photo of the "courtyard" on the ground floor of N Block, showing snow against the windows.
It snowed more heavily while I was teaching, but I didn't feel I could suddenly stop talking about the joys of Thermochemistry and start snapping away. By the time I'd finished teaching, the snow had stopped and thawed, although the weather stayed very cold. Got home before 2 o'clock and took Su out for a late lunch. On the way home, swung by Waitrose in town on a quest (successful as it transpired) for Rooibos tea bags. Parked opposite St Michael's Church and the Saracen's Head before being (very politely and without a ticket) advised to move on by two trafic wardens - so I circled the block a few times until Su emerged.
Home in time to take Bella out for her afternoon walk - still grey, still cold. 
The "S" on this street sign is falling off the edge of the Heights! 
The demolished wall by the tennis club still shows no sign of being repaired.
Testing out my phone's camera definition on this Gothic turret of the Royal High School.
There are a few more holey bollards on this stretch of road, so couldn't resist playing with photographing through them - and saw the star of our show. 
St Stephens church just starting to colour up with tonight's lighting before the sun goes down. 
This day a year ago, Su posted the blog with some lovely photos she took down at Chew Valley Lake that day.

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