Friday, 15 February 2013

The Ides of February

Another day with blue skies - I could get used to this! I walked down to Larkhall to pick up the van and appreciated the view over towards Solsbury Hill.
Saw these croci looking gorgeous in the sunlight.
St Saviours church looking grand against the sky.
Later on, we went off into the countryside - saw this oldcar on the way.
Our destination - the newly refurbished Warwick Arms at Clutton (where we used to live).
We met up with Richard and Barbara for lunch. Afterwards we went out to admire their just purchased, new-to-them car. Su took this photo of me by the numberplate (my 61st birthday is next week...)
Richard in the driving seat trying to dfigure out all the new-fangled controls while Su and Barbara say their farewells. As usual, I am reflected in the car window.
Back home, it was time to go out with Bella and admire the skies some more.
 We went up to Charlcombr churchyard, where the snowdrops are in full flower.
The first primroses I have seen this year.
Spotted this in a hedge - the first official geocache I have ever seen.
These signs have reappeared on the posts on Charlcombe Lane - not seen any amphibians yet, but all it takes is some rain and they'll be coming down the hill for mating…
 Hopeful sign for tomorrow's weather with this red sky.
This day last year, Ben & Lena came down for the day bearing presents for my birthday the following week (when we would be in Hong Kong) - and I had another unexpected surprise of this lovely cake.

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