Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Glimpse of Sun!

A morning teaching at Kaplan College - the joys of Electrochemistry! On the way out, I decided to experiment with photographing the stairs (as one does). Are these going up or down?
 Down or up?
(The second photograph is going up). After a band practice (during which some students who are using us as clients for a multimedia project filmed us and asked questions) and a cup of coffee with Bob Lang, It was time to leave for home.  My eyes were drawn by an unaccustomed brightness reflecting from the sky - could it be the sun?!!!
By the time I got home, the skies were blue and the sun had brightened up the landscape. 
Not for long, as dusk was coming on. 
The sun's last rays bathing Solsbury Hill. Let's hope tomorrow is bright as well. 
This day last year, the sun disappeared after a few days of welcome brightness. I went into town and exchanged Su's iPad (which had a hardware fault) for a brand new one free of charge. I then walked across the river to Prior Park garden centre and met up with Su to hand over her new iPad.

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