Saturday, 1 January 2011


As it's New Year's Day and we didn't get to do it on Christmas Day, Marcus and I are sharing today's blog. He's busy at the moment throwing his office around - I think it's his one or only NY resolution but maybe he'll explain more later?? I had only one resolution and that was to chuck the bathroom scales out! We've had them years and they say something different depending on where in the room you are, or if it's raining or just feeling perverse!!! (Silly me, we're talking about an inanimate object here so obviously it doesn't have feelings!) Which is just as well 'cos the amount of cursing and other abuse it's had to put up with over the years farewell EKS (that's your name) and I promise not to replace you. Have also cleared out other stuff and advertised it on Freecycle. For those who have not hear of this organisation, it's a brilliant way of getting rid of unwanted stuff which is still useable. You advertise it, someone emails you saying they want it, you say ok and they! Our local Freecycle has changed its name to Freegle (some Yahoo politics I believe influenced this but I won't go into that now unless requested).
I shall finish my bit by announcing the winner of our photo competition of guessing where they were taken. One of our antipodean readers is the lucky winner and shall receive his prize immediately.........TERRY! Well done Terry.

Picking up the baton from Su - throwing my office around was a way of sorting out all the debris that has piled up since the last time I reorganised it.  What this means in practice that I have managed to get rid of about 1% of the debris and put 99% into fresh piles to be sorted at a future date... But it stopped me doing any marking today, and helped me work up an appetite for our visit to Dynasty, our favourite Chinese restaurant in Bristol, for a dim sum lunch from their extensive menu.

An hour later, we emerged full and happy - Su, so much so that she dozed of in the car on the way back - that's the way to start the New Year!!

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