Monday, 17 January 2011

Hard Work!

Because we stayed up into the early hours of this morning, we have both felt a little sluggish today, although that has not stopped us doing stuff.  The cause of our staying up late?  I was watching a film, "Aeon Flux", a 2005 sci-fi film with an interesting cast (Charlize Theron, Sophie Okenedo, Peter Postlethwaite) but quite a threadbare plot - as is too often the case with sci-fi.  I wished they had spent a little less on the special effects and a bit more on story development.  While I goggled at this, Su was goggling at the computer looking up the possibility of going to Lesbos this Summer, rather than France. Watch this space...

And so it was that we were awake till nearly 2, after our jaunt to Birmingham yesterday.  Bella was up and about before 8, so that got us going.  I also had my first post-operative back class, as this shot attests (Yes, I was  on one of these!):-

After that shock to the system, I have spent the day looking at my computer screen, trying to get ready for tomorrow - my first day's teaching since November.  Randall had the right idea, surveying the world from his comfy perch in between snacks.

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  1. That looks far too energetic and painful to me - the gym, not the cat!