Tuesday, 18 January 2011


At last the sun returned but first I needed to brace myself for the dentist....was pleasantly surprised as no treatment! Well not quite true - a small maintenance job needed.  But not today!  Shot off to reward myself with coffee at second favourite garden centre and bought Marcus a tree (Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis'  -winter flowering cherry). Spent rest of day in the front garden. I planted the tree for all the world to admire which they will when the blossom appears. Sorted out planters for windowsill and the ones that currently live on the boundary wall filled them with Cheiranthus allionii. My sister gave me some helibores for Christmas and they too have found a new home - where else but under the new tree.  

Not sure if this poor plant has survived the winter but it's turned from green to this lovely bluey-grey colour so it's still welcome to stay in the garden a while longer.

Ended the afternoon in the back garden admiring the moon.  When Bella and I were  in the park earlier we'd seen the sun set and the big moon rise opposite each other.  Truly stunning sight and of course I'd left my camera at home!

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