Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wet Wednesday

Marcus went back to work today and I had a 2 hour teaching session myself. I'm instructing a friend of mine in the use of her iPad. This simple device is easy to use unless you are forgetful and easily distracted which describes my friend to a tee. So we looked at emails, and then looked again, and we moved on to surfing the internet which proved to be more productive as she found and spent a happy half hour looking at houses. Meanwhile it rained. Incessantly. Bella and I took ourselves off to the park. She doesn't mind the rain. I quite like it too as long as it's not windy and I'm half way round Bath race track wishing Bella would please just find her stick and then we could go home!

So the pics today are nothing to do with rain or computers. The sunset at Brean was taken the other day and the strange vehicle was being exhibited at the Design Museum in London a few years ago.

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