Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Walked my socks off!

What a busy day or so. Last night, Su and I went down to a preview screening of "Animal Kingdom", a very powerful Australian film - sponsored by Grolsch, who set up a bar and cheese nibbles on the stage.  Also pictured is Su's poor thumb, which she cut and keeps bashing so it needs protecting from the world.

This morning, Su wanted to road test her new boots, so we walked down into town to see yet another film - "Chico & Rita", an animated Cuban music love story, which was very good.  Great music.  Having had some lunch at home, we then went for a walk to a spot that Su found in a nearby village called Kelston. Nice tasting grapes and a beautiful, cold, bright afternoon...

After coming home, it wasn't long before it was time to walk again - this time down to the local theatre, which had a production of "Doctor Faustus"on.  This did not captivate us, so at the interval it was time to walk again - this time out and home, so I finally have time to do my blog for today (and just about ready for sleep after all the walking!).

How am I going to find time to go back to work when I am completely recovered???? This sentence is especially for my brother, Robin :-)!!

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  1. Good to hear you're up and about so much, Marcus. I feel quite exhausted just reading this blog!