Friday, 5 November 2010

Editor's correction!

For the those readers who are labouring under the impression that iM is the sole walker of dog please may I correct you. I too walk miles with our canine friend and I too take photographs which are not usually displayed as I am not blessed with an iPhone. My camera is more fiddly so tend to leave it at home unless on "special" outing. May I also look a iM's definition of "walking". I would call it "a gentle stroll with many rest stops" but he may think I'm harsh as he is having problems with his leg. But I would like to point out that his mode of "walking" has not changed in all the years I've known him and I'm not expecting the surgeons will do anything to improve on his style. (PLEASE SEE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE ABOVE)

Now that's out the way I can get on with my contribution to this blog. Today I attended a conference for volunteers at local hospice where I'm involved with the life story project. As usual it was an fun (yes fun.....always have a good laugh at Dorothy House!) and informative. Rewarded with a visit from Stephanie Cole of Talking Heads etc. fame who talked about her career so far. She's such a good speaker and it was a great way to finish the day. I now have to write essay and submit it before midnight or get branded as slacker of the year!

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