Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Too Much Excitement!

Yesterday I took Bella out for a 10 minute stroll (no disagreement with Su's terminology in this case!) and didn't fall asleep afterwards (major achievement).  Stephen dropped in with a book reserved for me by the library at work - all about vocoders, lovely! 

Last night we saw an Argentinean film "Leonera" (The Lion's Cage), showing as part of the Bath Film Festival - a good film, even if not exactly a barrel of laughs. We'd bought tickets for 5 films just a few days before my operation was scheduled and I was keen to see as many as I coud (having missed one on Sunday already), so I took a cushion with me and it was OK.  I've paid for all this relative effort though, as I have felt whacked all day.  Still, tomorrow's another day - and I'm due to see "Skeletons" in one cinema while Su sees "Tengri - Blue Heavens" at another.

Even though I've been inside all day, and the day started off extremely murky, the sun came out and shone through our stained glass onto the hall wall - truly painting with light.

I hope to be able to find some brain-space soon, while I am off work, to think more about next steps, beyond the literal physical ones I am a little pre-occupied with at the moment, which is getting tedious - so I must be getting better!


  1. Amazing hall-wall-colours!

    It's great to read the story of your recovery on the blog - I don't want to pester you by sending you emails every five minutes saying "how's it all going?".

    I rarely make it over to Bath so I always seem to miss the Bath Film Fest. The programme this year looks steamingly good too. :o(

  2. Good to hear you're continuing to make progress, Marcus. Having been to the doctors this morning during which my age was mentioned in almost every sentence I came out feeling I should look for a zimmer frame!