Monday, 15 November 2010


My duties as nurse/provider include dog walks while iM is recuperating so up with lark (or should I say noisy children next door doing races on stripped floorboards any time after 6 a.m. EVERY DAY!) and out with Bella for first walk. When they are like this (see pics) early mornings are a pleasure rather than a chore.....Bella happily sniffing through the leaves for things that interest dogs while I take photographs.
Later went to work (gardening) - also a pleasure as the sun was still shining and I felt warm pruning wisteria and continuing putting this large garden to bed. Still plenty more to do there which may be one of the other gardeners' job if she's recovered from recent close encounter with another vehicle leaving her without her van and bruised ribs which are giving her gyp (hope you get better soon Carol). Owner of garden invited me to lunch where I took pic of her cat "stealing" her water!
Got home to find a much-improved husband and Bella wanting her next walk. As iM had been for a stroll with her earlier we just went down to Alice Park and played ball for an hour.
Now back home with lots more to do - just call me Cinders!!

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