Thursday, 18 November 2010

Expanding Horizons

After getting out last night to the pictures to see "Skeletons" (a quirky, funny film worth seeing should our readers ever stray from the grip of the megaplex - it won't be showing at the local Odeon!), while Su saw "Tengri: Blue Heavensat Bath Film Festival, today has seen me being much more adventurous!

Su drove me down to the river at Saltford - weak November sunshine and a decent amount of walking up and down - my furthest so far (probably a mile or so).  Bullrushes, swan and the weir (another word that contradicts the "i" before "e"rule we all learned at school!) and the inevitable sky/clouds shot are featured.

We then went for lunch, after which I've had to have a lie down to recover from all this activity and to prepare for tonight's outing to see "El Ultimo Applauso" (a Buena Vista Social Club about Argentinian tango) as part of Bath Film Festival,

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