Friday, 19 November 2010

Started early this morning (pic of sunrise) after VERY late night reading about Farraday for my OU course (day school tomorrow so homework must be done!). It's all very interesting and once I get going I enjoy the reading BUT I'm a slacker by nature when it comes to all things academic so just as well I'm married to a university lecturer!! (Or not!)

Was driving over to Bradford-on-Avon this morning when I spotted graffiti on derelict hotel wall...took my life in my hands dodging traffic to take this pic so hope you like it.
Went to meeting at local hospice where I'm a volunteer doing life stories with the usual it was a pleasure to be there as everyone is always so positive and supportive. Afterwards made my way to the biggest plant nursery I've ever been to in Somerset and spent a happy hour fantasising about owning a smaller version or maybe just a bigger garden. Left empty-handed (not like me but want another tree so thought I'd consult iM indoors first) and headed for the village shop I've been meaning to visit for a long time as it's run by volunteers and more importantly it has a didn't disappoint. One coffee and brie with homemade spicy chutney panini later I was a new person ready to do the next thing on my list (damn where's the list?).
Marcus' mate failed to take him out for lunch today so took him and Bella to play in the park instead and bought him a hot chocolate.
Watched the sun go down and the moon rise.....another lovely day.

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