Saturday, 20 November 2010

Giant Steps

Su's off at her dayschool today (and enjoying herself if the texts she's sent are any guide), so Bella and I went off for a walk together into the murky, cold day. We must have done a mile or more, and were out for almost an hour.  As ever, even though the weather is grotty, there'a always something to catch my eye and take a picture of. Here's a flock of pigeons who roost on one house roof up the hill from us having a flutter round and round before settling on the same roof again.

Getting into a field that borders some woods, the dull greyness of the day was pierced by the orange of larch leaves still on the trees.

On the way back home I saw penstimmons, snapdragons and an iris still in flower, as well as a good crop of holly berries.

Our tomatoes are still fruiting, 10 days away from December, but not for much longer...

Managed to empty the stove and fill it up without lifting "more than a full kettle's weight"by making about 10 trips back and forth to the coal bin with a shovel.  One less thing to worry Su when she comes home with her head full of arty thoughts! After all that activity, I need a little rest!

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