Sunday, 21 November 2010

After the Festival

It's been bliss today. iM got up to take Bella out but brought me a cuppa first. Enjoyed my lie-in but wait it doesn't stop there. On their return iM made breakfast too....what a star. He's now lounging on sofa with his book where I expect he'll spend rest of day! Actually that's not true as I've promised him a Chinese lunch. We go to the only place between here and London or Birmingham that serves up brilliant dim sum. It's in Bristol (see pic of harbourside taken yesterday) and we always go after the lunchtime rush to guarantee a decent table. Can't wait for paper-wrapped prawns, yam croquettes and char sui buns....but I'll have to take Bella out in to the rain and wind first so we don't have to rush back. I was hoping to get outside to plant up some spinach and get those onions and garlic in, but it's so warm in here and so wet out there it'll have to wait until another day.
Randall reminded me he'd not featured for a while so here he is observing the great outdoors before he goes back to sleep.....

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