Saturday, 6 November 2010

Talking about change

Today we've been visited by Ben & Lena.  Lovely to see them, and we are all talking about making changes in our lives, which is exciting! In our quest to think about other places to live, Su and I are planning to check out western & southern France for a few weeks in the Summer as well as Rhodes & Symi in the Spring.

Thanks for supportive messages about my forthcoming back operation. Here's a photo for Mike and Penny who asked if I am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, as they feature so prominently in my photo selections!

This photo was taken on my afternoon "stroll", as Su would have it (no more from me on this subject - at least not on the blog!).  Some out-of-season plant life about - young cow parsley and buttercups along with many examples of more autumnal fungi, including this very large one left on the path (foot included for scale).

Finally, a big shout out (as the DJs would have it) to my brother, Robin for his birthday yesterday.


  1. I'm a bit puzzled by your notion of "remote". Do you mean physically remote? But if you have mobile phone contact then you can be arbitrarily connected. Many people travel 90 mins to work so is 90 mins from a shop remote? Do you want to be 90 mins from 1st world quality health care? Do you mean "cut off"? But you can be cut off by staying where you are and giving up phone/mobile/internet/TV/radio. I feel that "remote" is to do with absence of contact with what one is remote from. I'm sure there are oodles of things about the places you're considering that are to do with the places themselves and the quality of life rather than physical or psychic distance from Bristol.

  2. Physical remoteness does not exclude connectedness, and remoteness and disconnectedness are not the same, of course. We want to be elsewhere, but definitely **not** disconnected from friends, family or the world, but physically be in a different everyday environment. Thinking through online on a daily basis online is quite interesting - it certainly keeps idea of changes in our consciousness, and it is great to get so much contact from friends as a result.

    I don't recall talking about "remote" as such, but idea of being somewhere warmer and with a different lifestyle to South of England is a constant. Just a pity that global warming has not yet reached Scotland reliably enough!