Friday, 26 November 2010

Independently Mobile Again

Today I got behind the wheel and drove my car for the first time since my operation.  I decided to take Bella for a walk up to my favourite place - and what a good choice it was!  As we drove up the hill, the weather forecast on the radio said "Snow is moving into Wales", at which point it came out in sympathy over Bath.  Light at first, but persistent, so that by the end of our walk, there was an appreciable dusting.

Not the best light to take photographs - I tried to be arty and catch moving snowflakes, but that really is beyond the technical capabilities of an iPhone, methinks! Anyway, Su is off the hook as my chauffeur, just as the weather threatens to make driving around less pleasurable down here in the soft South (apologies to all our readers in frozen wastes of Canada, Scotland, and the North of England for making such a fuss!:-)).  I think we are off to celebrate with a curry down the road in our local curry/pub later on.  Then we can talk about whether getting a balcony will change our lives enough to satisfy our wanderlust!

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