Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday, Monday...

We were up bright and early to drive through the dark, wet rain to Bristol for my pre-operative assessment.  We left plenty of time, even for rush hour - but hadn't reckoned on an accident on the motorway clogging up all of North Bristol.  After an hour and a half, we finally got to the hospital (the nurse had been about to ring to tell me not to bother!).  So, I effectively had an MoT- amazingly my blood pressure was the lowest it has been for about 2 years. So, assuming the blood tests results are OK, I'll be having an "intersegmental decompression on two levels" operation on Thursday (I have to be there even earlier than today!).

Su has been great, doing all the driving today, and looking up the procedure on the Internet and generally keeping me calm.  Part of that was to take me to Ikea for breakfast (deep joy) and then - as the rain had stopped and the sun emerged - to go to Westonbirt with Bella.  The colours today were great and here are some photos of today's trip to one of our favourite places. (Su thinks I make the pictures too big on this blog and that they are just plonked on the page, so I'll try a different approach....)

Su found a big leaf!

Bella liked this acer, as did we:-

and we saw some "Simpsons" clouds!

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  1. Hope the operation goes well, Marcus and that you didn't come out of IKEA laden with stuff that put a strain on your back (I've NEVER come out of there empty-handed!)