Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Late Entry ...

Later in the day than I usually aim to post, so apologies to any keen readers.

This morning I found out that I'm scheduled for an operation next Thursday on my back, which I hope will sort out sciatic nerve problems with my right leg.  This will see me off work up till Christmas probably, with Su doing even more than usual as a consequence.  I have spent the day sorting out how to get courses at work covered before coming home to have a meal out with Su and a convivial drink with neighbours who came in to the pub after watching the local fireworks display with their children for free from the hill overlooking the city centre.  

Here are some photographs from yesterday and today - most of mine are taken in nice light in the early morning walking Bella before the drizzle sets in, hence the impression that we always have good weather....

Yesterday our little Acer dropped its leaves:-

Today in the park, lovely sights including Georgian Bath's historic gasometer:-

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  1. Good luck with the operation. Does this mean that Su will be walking the dog each day and taking the daily photographs for a bit?
    I hope you will be fit enough to amble up the Vigla each day before breakfast next April.