Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lousy night - better day!

This pic is iM leaning proudly on rather flashy car - but it's not his! Put this up as haven't taken any photographs today.......
Most of last night I was what the Victorians would have called "indisposed". Don't think it was anything I ate as iM is ok but as he reminded me, he's got the gut of a goat!!?? So today instead of going to work I've been lazing round the house until Bella reminded me that her life couldn't come to a grinding halt just because I had.....so off to the park for lots of ball-chucking until I was so cold I couldn't feel any of my extremities. Now feel much better and have made iM a pasta dinner which I don't think I'm up to sharing...maybe a boiled egg and soldiers with a pot of tea for me....mmmmm....sounds good!

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