Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunrise Boogie and the Lure of Pedi

I was up at the Sunrise Cafe last night playing with George and Clare - we played for about three hours, so by the time I got back to our apartment back in Yialos, it was the (not so!) early hours. The bells got through to me this morning, and we went to catch the 11 o'clock bus. Noticed quite a few flags flying, and then this helicopter flew in.
Lots of activity around the harbour, with boats leaving moorings, official cars sweeping by and police in uniform. A car swept past the bus, an official party got out and went into a house flying the Greek flag to a reception on the balcony. One of the Greek bus passengers said it was the Minister of Navigation…
Went down to Pedi once more and spent lots of today with this as my view. Again, another nice lunch at Tolis Taverna, where we were unexpectedly joined by Richard and Barbara who'd come down for a look at the sea - we are also joining them for dinner this evening - at Tholos.
Waiting for the bus back to Pedi, the light was once more stunning - this after our sudden wave surge and  a burst of wind that came out of nowhere.
Back in Yialos, just as the Dodecanese Pride docked. 
The mighty bus, with Lakis still behind the wheel. 
This day a year ago, I had finished painting before we went off to Turkey in a few days' time!  The weather carried on behaving itself for my walks with Bella.

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