Friday, 21 September 2012

A Day of Talking in Cafe Bars

On the way down to the front in Yialos this morning, I was struck by the contrast between this white hibiscus…
… and this red one.
Old style iron railings with bands of iron holding it together, unlike more modern spot welded ones.
What every church bell tower needs is a ship's mast next to it for scale.
In front of the church is this coquillage two headed eagle - a reminder of the imperial Roman origins of the Greek Orthodox church.
We spent hours (literally) in the Agialos cafe today talking to Hilary, who owns the Little Blue House we stayed in over Easter 2011. Many opportunities to take pictures of the passing Iapetos horse and carriage.
Later on, we went for a swim at Nos beach, passing this auracaria tree enroute.
Looking down the harbour.
Lots of expensive boats moored up today, including "The Joy of Cashmere" - not quite the most ridiculous boat name of the day.
A tamarisk tree.
A cactus spotted coming down on to Nos beach.
After our dip in the lively sea with quite a swell, we popped in to see Barbra and Richard in their apartment overlooking Harani, when this ostentatious modern boat put in - it's called "Barbie"!
Went for a lovely meal at the Nereida Taverna (we'll be back there) and then repaired to Eva's Bar, where we were joined by Richard and Barbara who decided that this was the night to teach Su how to play bridge and tell us about strippers and snakes! On the way back to our apartment, we encountered this apparition - the stuff of nightmares!
This day a year ago,  was a dry day and I cleaned both the van and Su's car ahead of her MoT. I also announced that I was taking over the main writing of this blog as she was hatching plans for another blog (All About Me).

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